Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, I try to do some kind of arm/upper body exercise every other day. Have to keep up strength and flexibility for my day job (official court reporter) and nighttime hours spent at the keyboard (writing while I live in my head).

This morning I tied my resistance band around a doorknob and started working through my list of exercises. Now, this isn't new behavior on my part. Everybody that works in my building has seen me using my band. People are used to avoiding me as they trek through the hallway between offices.

Imagine my surprise when someone on the other side of the door tried to come into the hallway. Momentum pulled me forward, nearly yanking me off my feet. I scored a ten on The Three Stooges' sling shot move. The door opener (new guy) realized what was happening and kept the door from smacking me. Good thing, too. I came within an inch of receiving a broken nose thanks to an almost door-meet-face introduction.

Objective for Friday morning's exercises: find a less used doorway!

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