Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: Mast of None by Sonya Bateman

Master of None was SOOO much fun to read!

Gavyn Donnatti steals for a living, but that doesn't make him a bad criminal. He doesn't believe in murder and almost never hurts anyone. The fact that every job he plans falls apart (none of the complications are his fault) endears him even more to the reader.

Take his last job for example. Gavyn lost the item his ex boss hired him to steal. The boss thinks Gavyn's lying and plans to extract the item or information of its whereabouts from Gavyn's hyde.

Things get even more interesting when Gavyn discovers he has his own personal djinn (don't call him a genie!). The situation is ironically hilarious because Gavyn has the worst luck ever...which explains why he and his djinn can't stand each other.

Unfortunately for them, Gavyn and Ian are stuck together until they discover Gavyn's purpose in life. Considering his choices in life to this point, finding an answer might take awhile. Gavyn and his djinn must find a way to resolve their differences and work together because if they don't, a terrifying enemy threatens to destroy everything and everyone they both hold dear.

I love Sonya Bateman's voice!!!

Gavyn's character is an amusing blend of light-hearted, wise-cracking guy speak and identifiable pop culture.
Ian is a cynical world-weary djinn, but at heart a man of integrity. His humanized character traits mesh with his amazing djinn abilities in a complementary pairing.

Master of None hits the ground running, and the plot screams forward at a break-neck pace. My advice: strap in and enjoy the ride!

Rating: 4****

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