Saturday, July 2, 2011

Review: Harvest Moon by T.M. Marie

Review: Harvest Moon by T.M. Marie
By Renee Rearden

Rating:  4 Stars

Life is unpredictable. When Myra McClure rescues a man and an extraordinary horse after a car accident during a dangerous snowstorm, she has no idea the how much her life is about to change. But Myra gets an inkling the people around her are different when she places herself between the stallion and the man named Raven.

Alex Wade, head of a Wendigo clan, has been after the banished Wendigo Raven for years. He isn’t surprised Raven showed up to kill his newest racing horse. Alex manages to stop him, but the damage is done. Raven notices Myra, and now he wants her as much as the stallion.

Myra goes to Alex’s ranch, safe under his clan’s protection. But Raven’s not the only danger she faces. Alex is a threat to her heart. His gorgeous looks and rock-hard body tempt her. His love and loyalty to his clan melt her defenses. Fortunately for the reader, her strong-willed personality often clashes with his domineering commands as the clan’s leader. Human or not, she’s not about to let any man boss her around!

As Myra struggles with her own feelings of abandonment and growing connection to the Wendigos, Alex fights the pain of losing Myra when he makes her walk away—because he won’t rick her life by trying to turn her. A pair of thick-headed, animal-crossed lovers if ever there were any!

Now, there were a couple things that troubled me. I felt Alex and Myra’s connection, for all its intensity, should have happened sooner—but maybe I’m just impatient. And Myra’s biting attitude about homeless people bothered me a little. She chose to live that way, so it didn’t seem right she had such a vitriolic response about it. Of course Myra throws every ounce of passion into what she believes, so a strong response speaks to her character.

All in all, Harvest Moon is a great paranormal read with interesting twists on the werewolf myth. I truly enjoyed reading about Myra and Alex. Their struggles were entertaining and full of emotional sparks. I’m hoping we get to see more of Alex Wade’s clan as some of the other character’s search for their own path and life mate!

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