Friday, December 16, 2011

Warmest Christmas Memory

Although I've told this story before, I wanted to share it again since I won a pair of tickets to the Mannheim Steamroller concert next Wednesday for sending the story to the radio station.

My warmest Christmas memory required some serious thought.

You'd think the "best" Christmas memory would be the most unforgettable, right?

The first Christmas with my husband really was. And after sifting through countless memories created by 24 years of marriage, four daughters, almost two grandsons, and every life experience in between, I realized why I'd missed the quiet beauty and perfection behind his special gesture.

Like a lot of couples, we married young...practically right out of high school. With college on the horizon and a baby on the way (oh yeah, I'd gotten pregnant right off the bat!), Hamburger Helper was too expensive for our budget. Add to that, the Christmas holiday was fast approaching.

Hubby's boss had given every employee a Christmas tree, and the smell of fresh pine filled our small apartment. I made popcorn garlands for decoration because, well, that's all we could afford.

A week before Christmas, I came home to find our Christmas tree decked out in beautiful Hallmark ornaments. I squealed in delight, and my husband smiled shyly. "I did extra work on a remodeling job, and they gave me this box filled with ornaments. I'm sorry none of the dates are right."

He was correct. Not one ornament had a relevant date. Didn't matter. They were perfect. We started a tradition that first Christmas together, one we've followed every year since: hanging those mismatched ornaments on the Christmas tree next to others we've collected over the years. They all have special meaning, but some of them-a select few-I cherish with all my heart.

Every Christmas since has been wonderful, but when I think about that first Christmas with my husband, the memory always warms my heart.

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