Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What's Love Got To Do With It

Welcome to the What's Love Got To Do With It? Blog Hop. Many thanks go out to Lynn Rush for inviting me to join the fun!

February, the month of love...or the possibility of finding the ever elusive one. For some lucky people, finding your soul mate happens when you're young, without much heartache involved. The rest of us spend a good chunk of our lives nursing a bruised heart while looking for our other half. (Hope you're all one of the lucky few!)

For Saari, a true immortal, love's been more intangible. Cursed in 1499 has given her more time than most, so you'd think she has the whole love angle worked out by now. Not so much.

But then the universe decided to shake things up a bit and send her a soul mate...or two. Sure, that sounds cliched. But what's a girl to do when she finally has a chance at answers she's been looking for her whole life?

Ask the right questions, and wonder what's love got to do with it. 

You can read about Saari's journey in the Tueri Fated Souls series in Moonlight Bleu and Crimson Sunrise

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  1. Thanks for taking part in this fun hop with Lynn and all the other authors. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through everyone's posts. And as for your post, I am one of the lucky ones!