Monday, October 17, 2011


Caress of Fur by Corinne Davies

Sometimes the world seems like a big, scary place. Is it really that dangerous or does giving in to such fear make a possible threat real?

Mai Bennett certainly believes the world outside her building is terrifying. So she stays inside her apartment, running her website design company from her computer. But her friend Stephanie won't leave her in peace. She thinks Mai should have a real life, one that includes a man and a blissfully happy future…or at least a second date. So when Stephanie sets Mai up on a blind date with Gaspar Sofalvi, Mai doesn't suspect a thing.

Gaspar fully intends on following the directives he's been given for his date with Mai: to move slow, compliment and build Mai's self-esteem, and not have sex with her. But once he catches a whiff of Mai's scent, his plans disintegrate on the breeze. She's his True Mate—well, his and his twin brother Vencel's.

Mai's panic attacks worry Gaspar. So he has Vencel pretend to be him on a date with Mai. The date is a bust, but the twins refuse to give up. They track Mai down, apologize, and beg for a second opportunity—for both of them. Mai struggles with the idea of dating both, but gives the men a chance. (Hello, who wouldn't want to date gorgeous twin brothers, both professing you're the only woman they want?)

Gaspar, Vencel and Mai's relationship progresses, but they're keeping a secret from her—one that could endanger both her heart and her life. When some of Gaspar and Vencel's old family members arrive with their own agenda, Mai learns more than she bargained for.

I thoroughly enjoyed the world Ms. Davies created in CARESS OF FUR. Her characters are vivid and intensely charismatic. The only thing that kept the story from being great for me was Mai's unexplained panic attacks. I didn't understand how someone could be so afraid of everything just from being alone a lot—not without some other underlying reason. But others may relate perfectly.

Despite my own question, I'd recommend CARESS OF FUR to anyone looking for an interesting, intense, scorch-the-page romance!

Rating:  3 Stars

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