Monday, September 29, 2014

Reviewing Your Universe

Title:  My Soul Immortal
By:  Jen Printy
Publisher Ecopy Provided
Rating:  3 Stars

Star-crossed lovers with an immortal twist!

Jack’s immortal and hides this fact from the world. When his secret’s exposed, he relocates to another city and continues his off-the-grid lifestyle. His new start hits a brick wall when he meets Leah, a woman that so resembles his lost love Lydia, and he fears for his sanity. A stranger named Artagan arrives in town, knows Jack’s secret, and warns Jack Leah’s in danger. Jack must discover what Artagan isn’t telling him and hope it’s enough to save the woman he loves.

The first few paragraphs sucked me into the story. I wanted to know who Jack really was, why he was immortal and how Leah’s existence related to Lydia, if at all. Ms. Printy’s voice and imagination kept me turning pages, eagerly anticipating the answers I sought.

My interest waned about a third of the way into the book. For me, Jack’s immortal angst weighed on the plot and slowed the pacing. Several scenes were presented with circumstances that were conveniently resolved and gave away what could have been great foreshadowing for a couple of big reveals.

Jack and Leah’s relationship proceeded at more of a normal pace versus the inst-love/lust/like some romances present. I enjoyed the stronger connection that grew over time, although I will say Jack’s feelings for Leah were better shown and developed than Leah’s for Jack. That, however, could definitely relate to Jack being immortal and the narrator of the story.

Artagan came back onto the page farther into the story, and the pace picked up. He definitely added mystery, intrigue and balance to the plot. I look forward to the next book in this series. Each of the characters left me with a positive curiosity, and that’s a great hook to recommend for a series.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Reviewing Your Universe

Empty Altars
by Judith Post
Rating:  4 Stars

The stars have shined since the dawn of time, their existence spawning stories of gods and goddesses. Who better to protect humanity than beings with knowledge and power far beyond our own?

When the universal balance is threatened, Diana (goddess of the hunt and goddess of all magic) is sent by her runes to help the Norse gods protect the world from a burgeoning evil strong enough to destroy everything the gods created.

Mythology is not a strong interest of mine, but Empty Altars’ synopsis poked my curiosity. The beginning started a bit slow and was somewhat confusing (I’m sure due to my lack of mythological knowledge), but once the action started and the pace picked up, Ms. Post’s voice had my full attention.

Strong characterization, layered personalities and a solid plot kept me turning pages. For those who enjoy fantasy worlds ruled by gods, goddesses and magic, Empty Altars will not disappoint. I am thrilled at finding a new author to follow and look forward to reading more of Ms. Post’s work.

*author ecopy provided for honest review