Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Shopping

First of the month. You know the routine: money comes in, pay the bills, money goes out.

Yep, it's pretty much like clockwork.

December is different. Hubby and I are fortunate enough to work for employers that allow us each to cash out a week's vacation pay. We hold two weeks in reserve with the plan of using that money for Christmas. Some years it covered extra bills. Other years extra bills and Christmas.

This year, it's all Christmas.

After I paid all the bills and balanced the account, hubby and I looked at each other in shock. We've never had THAT much money to just spend if we wanted to. A list was made of the gifts left to purchase, and still we had a large amount leftover.

What an amazing and wonderful predicament to be in. "I have an idea," we both said at the same time. "Let's adopt a family for Christmas." We spoke simultaneously again. I love that we think so much alike. Years of hard work, much patience, and unconditional love create the real deal, folks.

We are blessed to have so much, both in health and wealth. How could we not share what we have with another family in desperate need? First thing tomorrow morning, we're doing some extra shopping. I can't wait to get everything on this family's list...and when it's delivered anonymously, the note will say, "From my family to yours. Santa."


  1. If only there were more couples like you in the world! Merry Christmas!

  2. oh that is so nice I can just think of what would be running thru that family's mind - not knowing what christmas would hold for them.
    Have a wonderful christmas