Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holy Snow!!!

Wow, I've been neglecting my blog...will try harder to blog more often.

In my defense, things have been crazy around my place. Between my day job, working on edits for the sequel to Moonlight Bleu, and the insane weather the Pacific Northwest is having, spare time is at a minimum. And that includes the two hours of sleep I'm losing just to dig my car out and get to work on time.

Speaking of weather...holy freakin' snow, Batman.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the snow. Eating the first batch of cold, fresh powder in homemade snow cones is a yummy tradition. Playing in tons of the stuff is awesome. Even driving in the snow is no big deal. Did I mention I've got a gas guzzling behemoth of a 4-wheel drive?

It's the ice that comes after the snow that, no pun intended, blows.

Oh, as another aside, let me take this moment to apologize to everyone in the Pacific Northwest. You'll understand why in a moment.

Monday Moonlight Bleu received two fantastic reviews (Paranormal Romance Guild and What Book Is That?). I felt pretty darned good. So good, I told the rest of the week to "Bring it on!" The rest of the week answered "Brought it!" in the form of more rain/sleet/snow mix yesterday. Never challenge the universe. Bad things happen.

So, back to the weather. I stop at the store to pick up some salt to throw on my front steps which, after freezing rain, are slick enough for ice skating. Apparently everybody else in town had the same idea, just sooner than I did.

I finally found two bags at Home Depot. Whoo Hoo. Triumphant. Or so I thought. When I dumped the salt onto my steps, white cheese-puff sized pellets skittered everywhere. Huh. I'd just pretty much guaranteed broken bones for someone...most probably myself.

Then I noticed the shovel leaning against the house. Inspiration struck. You guessed it. I spent the next half hour beating those salt pellets into smashed pulp on my front steps. Several neighbors ran outside at the first few whacks. To be fair, they did sound like gunshots as they echoed down the block. I got the normal she's-at-it-again nods.

That's okay. My front steps were clear this morning. I got to watch my neighbor fall on his behind instead!

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  1. ha ha if he knew the sleet and ice was your fault he would have dragged u over to do his driveway too.