Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not The Luck of The Irish!

Dear Karma Gods,

I give. You win.

The last 30 days have been the most physically painful, frustrating, and irritating I've ever suffered. In case you've forgotten the list of punishing incidents you imposed, let me remind you in the hopes you'll decide I've paid my dues for whatever transgression I committed and move on.

1.   Developed excruciating pain in my right shoulder. (Thought it was dislocated.) Could not move my right arm for two weeks. Diagnosis: Tendonitis in my shoulder. Treatment: Sit on couch and take lots of Rx drugs and drool.
2.   Every USB port on laptop stopped working (in the middle of edits, I might add).
3.   Video driver on laptop disappeared (in the middle of edits I might add).
4.   Steno machine stopped working (made it impossible to perform day job).
5.   Court Reporting software disappeared (made it impossible to perform day job).
6.   Key Card malfunctioned and door shocked me. Made my hair stand on end and discolored key card (maintenance fixed door later).
7.   Car blinker bulb burned out.
8.   Car brake light burned out after fixing blinker light between auto supply store parking lot and work
parking lot.

Being a generally optimistic person, I don't complain often. So this run of bad luck is highly unusual. (Really?: The delete button on my keyboard just stopped working. *sigh*) Since I have no idea how I incurred the Karma Gods' wrath, I'd like to ask a favor. This bad-luck run seems like it might last awhile, so how about a letter of recommendation?

With my recent history, I'm sure I could get hired on as a chiller at any of the local casinos. After the money I've put out in repair costs this last month, I need a second job. So how 'bout it? Of course, you could give me a break and pick on some other poor schmuck. That idea gets my vote!

Either way, I'm still holding my chin up and looking straight ahead...I'm not going down without a fight!  =D


  1. Good grief, woman, I had no idea! Here's hoping things change for the better soon. I mean, they can hardly get worse.

  2. Marilee,

    Thanks! Oh, did not just put that out in the universe!!!

  3. I'm so sorry you've been having such a hard time. Pain can be such a hardship. I'll follow along to see how things improve for you.