Saturday, April 16, 2011

Review of Hunter's Moon by FE Heaton

The past, sometimes defined as "time gone by" or the "history of what went before," is something everyone has experienced. For some, however, the scars left from a long ago event last longer than others.

Nicolae is just such a person. He's retreated to a small town in the wilderness of Canada to live in peace and escape the haunting memories of his brutal captivity as a compound werewolf in Europe a century ago.

Many years of patience has earned Nicolae a place of trust among the local timber wolf pack, and he enjoys running across the mountainsides with his fellow animal brethren. During his latest sprint under the moonlight, Nicolae encounters an unusual group of hunters in the wolves' territory.

He scents blood and tracks the hunters' wounded prey. After finding an injured woman, he's startled to discover she's actually a vampire—the species responsible for his own personal nightmares. Though he considers leaving her to die and thereby quenching his thirst for revenge, he saves the vampire to protect the wolves. If humans find any mauled remains, they'll come after the wolves and exterminate them.

Nicolae's decision to help the vampire Tatyana complicates his life. The wolf pack is angered at losing the vampire prey as food, the local werewolf pack feels betrayed because Nicolae's chosen to protect a vampire, and Nicolae's own traitorous heart keeps forgetting Tatyana is a vampire—someone the Law Keepers and his conscience say he should never become attached to. Breaking that law means death.

Talk about your problematic conflict!

The plot for HUNTER'S MOON hits the forest floor running and never lets up. A group of soldiers with an ulterior motive, a werewolf pack bent on protecting their own, and enough romantic sparks to light up the night like the 4th of July keep the reader chasing each twist and turn.

So, let's talk about the characters. Tatyana is such a likeable vampire, with her desire to help others and her very human vulnerability of wanting to be liked. And then there's Nicolae. I love shifters—especially the dark and brooding type. There's just something sexy about an alpha male that loves a woman to distraction, despite his own animal instincts!

Want an action-packed adventure filled with romance? Read HUNTER'S MOON.

Rating: 4 Stars

Review originally written for The Romance Reviews

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