Sunday, May 22, 2011


I'm excited about next weekend. My husband's long-time friend and his wife are coming for a visit.

Now the last time I saw "Rodney" (Yes, names have been changed to protect the individual!) was at our wedding almost 24 years ago. I know, that's a long time, right?

To be fair, we moved out of town a couple of years after we got married. A few years later, we moved out of state. As you can imagine, my husband and Rodney lost touch. Well, a couple of years ago they reconnected through email and facebook. (See, Facebook can actually have a positive use!)

Anyway, after reminescing about childhood, elementary school, and then high school memories, Rodney and my husband decided we all should try to get together. It's taken a long time to coordinate schedules, but we managed to work something out for next weekend.

Now, why am I excited you ask? (That was long-winded backstory just to get to this part!)

Because after our wedding, a group of my husband's friends sat together at a table during the reception. Their topic of conversation was loud enough for me to hear. They were creating a "how long will the marriage last" pool and putting their ante into the pot. Yep, I wasn't happy about that.
But a lot of years have passed, and hubs and I are still going strong. Of course I've gotten past the immature stunt the guys pulled. Hell, who hasn't made a comment like "That'll never last." So Rodney will get a big 'ole hug and smile because he is our friend and always welcome in our home. But I am wondering if I should bring up the reception incident. I mean seriously, we won the pool!  =D

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