Saturday, May 28, 2011

Once Upon a Time in Space by Heather Massey

Global warming, pole shifts, solar storms, climate changes, earthquakes…these are just a few of the devastating events we’re told could threaten Earth. Now imagine all of these catastrophic things have occurred, and you’re eking out a living in what’s left of our dying planet or barely surviving as a pirate in space.

Raquel Donovan, known as the Siren, is the most feared pirate in the galaxy. She is a determined, gorgeous, sexy, eye-patch wearing bandit—searching for the man that destroyed her family.  Only his death will satisfy her ruthless need for vengeance.

Nick Venture (love the last name and connection to the story!) is a mechanic surviving in dismal conditions. A run of bad luck lands him in serious trouble, and then a man offers him a way out: captain a ship and crew to confirm the existence of a habitable planet. (Who could say no to helping save billions of people, right?)

I loved this story.

Let’s start with the characters. Raquel is a tough, hard-edged woman, but her merciless exterior hides a soul starved of love. Enter Nick Venture. A 6’4” blonde with the body of a god, a set of ideals to guide his actions, and the heart of a lion to fight for what he believes in. Raquel comes to admire his honorable goals. Nick longs to give Raquel all the love she needs.

And the plot? Wow, what a frightening example of Earth’s possible future. This Romantic sci-fi adventure has enough twists and turns to keep you wondering where the next space jump will take you.  And the hot, steamy lovin’ (I’ll have what she ordered, thank you!) will make the trip well worth your time.

Now, there was one thing that didn’t work for me. (Is it really an issue with a 4 star? Kinda.) It was Nick’s spiral into selfish, woe-is-me depression. Yes, he grieved the loss of his true love. But in the face of a dying planet and billions of lives riding on his success, the extended reaction was immature and he so needed to man up. (Don’t worry, he does!)

Taken as a whole, Once Upon A Time In Space is an incredible adventure that offers an exciting erotic journey where guy meets gal, guy falls in love with gal, and then tries to save the world. Who could ask for more than that?

Rating: 4 Stars

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