Monday, September 12, 2011


A couple weeks ago my husband pulled me onto his lap and gave me a hug. Now, he hugs me all the time just because, but this time was different. Sadness flowed off him. When I asked him what was wrong, he said, "Five years from now, everything will be different."

He was referring to our two youngest daughters. They'd both be out of high school and most likely out of the house. That realization makes me a little sad, but mostly I'm excited. My husband and I dated and were married after eight months.  We had children right away. I'm personally looking forward to our time together as just a couple again.

He's having a harder time with it. He explained. "We've always had children in the house. When they're gone, things will change." That made me a little worried. He smiled and tightened his hug. "Change isn't bad...just different. And I wouldn't want to be here with anyone but you."

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what had triggered this line of thought. Our youngest daughter started high school the last week of August and celebrated her 15th birthday this last weekend. What a milestone. I took four girlfriends out to dinner and a movie. They all stayed the night. Everything we talked about was ghost stories and boys.

Though the weekend was exhausting (good grief do teenagers have unlimited amounts of energy!), it was fun. Our daughters are typical teenagers: one foot edging toward adulthood and one foot planted firmly at home. I was able to reassure my husband he didn't have to worry about things being different just yet. As much as things will change, some things always stay the same!


  1. Awe! so cute. I've still go about 14 years left till my sons out of the house and I can't wait lol

  2. Awwww.....time does fly by fast, Renee.

    Brett and I are in the same boat, but our dilemma is out of three kids, our two grown children (21 and 20) have married and left the nest, but the awful economy brought them back home, along with their spouses and our three grandchildren. You and your hubby may not experience an empty nest as soon as he thinks if this economy doesn't turn around...hehehe! Sometimes fate has other plans.

    Now, I'm 40, Brett is 41, and we are trying to shoo them away (but it doesn't seem to be working). Our youngest is 17 and is a Senior now, so at least I will have all my children of age before I hit 41!

    Brett and I are soooooooo looking forward to our time together. We married right out of high school in 89, and our children were born in 90, 91, and 93. We have never had just our couple time. We will celebrate 22 years of marriage on November 17.

    Hang in there! xoxoxo

    Kristine Cheney
    Spartan Heart