Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Change

Last week officially launched the fall season...though we still had warm weather here in the Pacific Northwest (almost 90 degrees). Cooler days are coming though, and the idea of changing weather makes me smile. I can't really exercise in the heat, so taking a walk when there's a slight breeze is definitely more appealing. Of course, that phase of fall only lasts a short time in my neck of the woods. Winter brings ice, snow, and 50 mile an hour winds. After Halloween, no more outdoor walks for me...which got me to thinking.

How am I going to lose the extra weight and inches I've put on over the last year? Don't get me wrong, I exercise and eat right...just not on a consistent basis. Something always throws me off track and I struggle to regain my healthy motivation and rhythm. Then I saw an infomercial (insomniac here, remember?) for The Firm workout.

The idea behind the program intrigued me.Three workouts a week, 20 minutes per workout...and eating healthy is a must. The workouts change each time and increase in difficulty. Duration stays the same. Kind of reminded me of P90X, just not as intense...which is a good thing because I can't do sustained cardio for long (congenital heart condition). Sucks, but giving in is not an option. 

I've been doing  Pilates and Yoga...and I LOVE the stretching and strength training, but I need something to help keep the weight off as I age. Have any of you seen that commercial that says a woman over forty needs to work out an hour a day just to maintain? (Yeah, I fantasized about lynching the messenger of that bad news, let me tell you!)

Anyway, I bought the program. Just waiting for it to arrive. I really hope it gets here by October 1. I'd like to start at the first of the month and track my progress. Program promises weight/inch loss...if you commit. My two youngest daughters and I are committing and are even excited to start. Hopefully, I'll have good news to report at the beginning of November.

Until then, I'll keep on keeping on. You do the same!

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  1. Can I join the Lynch party. LOL. That is wrong on so many levels.