Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reviewing Your Universe

Covet by Felicity Heaton

4 Stars

Another Great Read!

When I was asked if I’d like to read and review Covet, I said yes without knowing anything about the book. I was that sure the story would be fantastic because I love Felicity Heaton’s voice. I’m happy to say, Ms. Heaton did not disappoint.

Javier is one of several vampires that own and run the Vampirerotique—a theatre that offers wickedly erotic and sinfully pleasurable shows to other vampires.

Over the last two years he’s become captivated by Lilah, a human female that works in his theatre. Unfortunately, he can’t indulge in any of his numerous fantasies about her. She is owned by Lord Ashville, a very powerful Aristocrat vampire, and touching another vampire’s bonded human will cause that human immeasurable pain—and the penalty to the offending vampire is death.

Lilah and Javier’s attraction to each other becomes a tangible thing, and Javier commits the ultimate sin when he gives in to his desires and makes love to Lilah. Their connection is deeper and stronger than he imagined. Losing her, living without her is not an option. Javier will fight Lord Ashville for Lilah—to the death.

I loved this story. Any time an author can inject an emotional connection into an erotic scene, I’m hooked—I’m a body, heart and soul kinda gal. Covet had an interesting plot that moved the story forward while carrying the erotic elements.

Short stories aren’t usually my first choice for reading because there’s just not enough word count to build out the necessary elements for a good book. Covet mostly did. The story opened with Javier’s captivation with Lilah fully in place. So, other than his description of Lilah being beautiful, I had no real substance to ground his obsession with Lilah in.

Lilah became a more dimensional character once we learn of her protecting another human from a vampire in the club. Her concern for Javier after they’ve been together also shows her caring nature and personality.

My other problem was with Javier himself. He knew being with Lilah would cause her horrible pain, but he made sure he was a considerate lover by making Lilah orgasm. The reader knew Lilah wasn’t in pain, but Javier didn’t. So that made me think his character was a little insensitive in that he assumed he could pleasure her while she was in pain—which would mean Lilah was a masochist and we as the reader had none of that information.

Admittedly, I’m thinking pretty deep into the story and character development, but that’s what readers do. Especially when it’s an author we love and expect nothing but great novels from.

Did either of my issues detract from the story? A little, but not really in the grand scheme of things. I will absolutely read next novel in Ms. Heaton’s Vampirerotique series. You should too!

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