Monday, March 19, 2012

Reviewing Your Universe

Crave by Felicity Heaton

Rating:   4 ½ Stars

Sometimes, we don’t know what we want or need until the object of our desire appears before our eyes.

Callum is an elite vampire in Paris on business. He’s searching for new talent to headline an exotic show for the Vampirerotique, a theatre he owns and runs with three other vampires.

His specific assignment is to scout for female werewolves—a surprising task, since vampires and werewolves don’t usually get along. And though he finds several he sends to London to audition for the theatre, he’s become obsessed with one female in particular. He knows she’ll steal the show, but after spending time with her—in and out of his bed—he realizes she could also steal his heart.

Katrina is female werewolf on the run. Her alpha wants to bond with her and have lots of little cubs. She refuses to be tied to a man she doesn’t love. For months she’s been eluding capture, making the club rounds to feed as she moves from place to place.

She approaches Callum and discovers he’s a vampire. Her instincts scream he’s a bigger threat than the werewolves she’s been running from. Her raging mating hormones tell her to enjoy what he’s offering and then move on. But once she discovers Callum is a better man than any she’s ever met, her heart tells her to ignore everything she’s been raised to believe about vampires and give him a chance.

I LOVED this story (more than Covet actually)! Callum embodies the perfect man: strong, sexy as hell, and openly vulnerable because he’s willing to lay his heart on the line for love. Who wouldn’t want a man that would rock your world after he hands it to you on a silver platter?

Katrina is a very likeable, badass chick. She has baggage—and knows it. Each time she’s faced with a situation, her head and heart war over the direction—but she’s honest with herself and faces her demons. That’s a strong character.
My only issue with Crave was Katrina’s background. We’re told she is on the run from her pack, but there isn’t any real information about or interaction with them. That would have added another layer of conflict and depth for me personally.

Felicity Heaton’s Vampirerotique series definitely hits the mark for me. Drool worthy characters, smokin’ hot sex scenes, and enough heart and soul to cause a swoon, a sigh, and an intense need to read the next story in this series!

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