Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reviewing Your Universe

The Werewolf’s Wife by Michele Hauf
Published by Harlequin Nocturne
Free ARC Provided by NetGalley

Rating:  3 Stars

I love Michele Hauf’s voice. If her name’s on a book, I’ll read it. And I’ve never been disappointed—until now.

The Werewolf’s Wife has a great premise. Who wouldn’t want read about a yummy shifter wolf saving a damsel in distress, commiserating over drinks, getting hitched in Vegas and having a crazy-wild night of passion? Okay, so that’s only the start for the rest of the book, but it grabs your attention, right?

Ridge Addison becomes pack leader. In order to set a good example and help his pack grow, he needs to marry and have children—which means he needs to get a divorce from his who-knows-where-she-is-or-what-she’s- doing witch of a wife. No, seriously. Abigail Rowan’s a real witch with powers and everything.

Here’s where the plot derailed for me. Ridge wants to have a family desperately. Of course Abigail has a son, and of course Ryan might be Ridge’s child (or the deadly abusive boyfriend Ridge rescued her from). A little predictable, but I rolled with that.

When Ridge finally tracks Abigail down to ask for a divorce, all kind of wrong hits the page. Abigail has received a call that her son has been kidnapped. She’s scared, angry, hurt. Then Ridge knocks on her door.

She basically tells him this isn’t a good time so shove off. Ridge says he has divorce papers, but what if he wants to keep her. He’s working an angle just to get inside the house. Lousy angle. These two people had a one-night stand and haven’t seen each other in 13 years. Why would they want anything to do with the other?

I digress. Abigail lets him in. She’s stressed. Then she notices how good he looks. Really? Her son’s kidnapping just occurred. Why wouldn’t she just sign the divorce papers, get him out of her hair, search for her son and fry the bastards that took him? That’s what a badass witch would do, right?

Nope. Abigail’s obsessive, controlling and plain mean. I didn’t like her character at all—which is sad because I really liked Ridge’s character. I had to forgive him for being such a knob toward Abigail, but the rest of his qualities made him a nice, caring, working-on-being-an-alpha male.

Will I read more of Michele Hauf’s books? You bet. Hopefully the characters will be more engaging as a whole and the plot will not be so predictable.

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