Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reviewing Your Universe

Ignited by Desni Dantone
Published by Laine D Publishing
Ecopy obtained from Amazon free promotion
Rating:  4 Stars

A rockin’ new urban fantasy series!

Being a teenager is, well, brutal—and 17-year old Kristina Young has more reasons than most to understand how truly harsh life can be.

Her family was murdered when she was a toddler, throwing her into the foster system. When she was eleven, her foster father became a threat instead of a caregiver. At 17, she was in an accident and survived, while her two best friends didn’t.

While each of these incidents reveal tragedies in her life, they’re also responsible for her deepest secret. A blue-eyed guardian angel that always protected her and kept her safe. Right up to the night he reappears in her life and saves her again. Except this time, she’s not a little girl and she wants answers. Like who he is and why he continues to save her.

When the answers come, so does the ever-increasing danger to her life. Her savior, Nathan, is from a race of hybrid demigods called Kala. They battle an evil race of demigods called Skotadi. Since he has no idea why the Skotadi are after Kris, they go on the run, hiding from those that want to kill her.

Kris finds herself in the middle of a war she never knew existed, never asked to be a part of. When they learn why she’s so important, everything changes. Time becomes her worst enemy. She needs information to change her destiny, and Nathan’s willing to do anything to get it.

This is a great beginning to a new young adult urban fantasy series. There are romantic elements. There are some paranormal elements. While there is no true romance and a conclusive happily ever after, I love the groundwork that’s been laid. Love doesn’t happen instantaneously, and I, for one, am thrilled to see a heroine that thinks about her emotions and considers actions and consequences.

While there is a love-triangle conflict, it doesn’t detract from the story. There’s a purpose behind the characters and their respective positions, and I can’t wait to see how it changes and develops in the next book.

With all of the positive, why not a solid 5 rating?

I didn’t have a good enough handle on what the overall factions were really after. What they were and where they came from was explained, but not enough detail was given to help me understand their real purpose and drive. How they functioned.

I also felt the best friend Callie’s inclusion in the dark moment and rest of the story felt gratuitous. She is human, with nothing to offer the maturing demigods with powers. Callie has no real reaction to the demigods’ existence, the danger, or Kris’s impending change. Other than Kris needing a female friend, she didn’t add anything to the story. I hope in the next book she does.

My last issue was the title. It’s a great title, but it gave an expectation that wasn’t realized. With demigods involved and otherworldly powers, the title suggested a fire-related element that never appeared. Maybe it’s my own issue and I read too much into it.

Overall, I enjoyed Ignited. Ms. Dantone has captured my attention, and I eagerly await the release of Sacrificed!

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