Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Reviewing Your Universe

Empty Altars
by Judith Post
Rating:  4 Stars

The stars have shined since the dawn of time, their existence spawning stories of gods and goddesses. Who better to protect humanity than beings with knowledge and power far beyond our own?

When the universal balance is threatened, Diana (goddess of the hunt and goddess of all magic) is sent by her runes to help the Norse gods protect the world from a burgeoning evil strong enough to destroy everything the gods created.

Mythology is not a strong interest of mine, but Empty Altars’ synopsis poked my curiosity. The beginning started a bit slow and was somewhat confusing (I’m sure due to my lack of mythological knowledge), but once the action started and the pace picked up, Ms. Post’s voice had my full attention.

Strong characterization, layered personalities and a solid plot kept me turning pages. For those who enjoy fantasy worlds ruled by gods, goddesses and magic, Empty Altars will not disappoint. I am thrilled at finding a new author to follow and look forward to reading more of Ms. Post’s work.

*author ecopy provided for honest review

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