Friday, June 1, 2012

Gifting Your Universe

Friday's are giveaway days on My Little Page of the Universe. Contests run for a week. Winners are drawn at random. Reading fun is enjoyed by all!

Today, Diane Haynes has graciously offered a Rift Healer goodie pack. Here's what one lucky winner will receive:

Contents of Goodie Bag

Rift Healer Book
Mini Wand with Amethyst stone
Rift Healer Keychain
Purple Rift Healer Pen
2” Clear Quartz Crystal
Map of the Enchanted Forest
Decorated Rift Healer Bookmark
Greenman Postcard (print of Diane’s watercolor painting)
Purple Pouch

You know the drill. Just leave your name and email addy and a winner will be chosen and notified next Thursday! 


  1. hope this is the spot to enter the contest...rachel barendregt

  2. Patty Duggan ~

    Love to gift it to a youngin!

  3. Cheryl Pelletier
    Can't wait to read Rift Healer. Always looking for new authors.