Monday, June 18, 2012

Reviewing Your Universe

Electric Storm by Stacey Brutger
Personally Purchased Kindle Ebook

Rating:  5 Stars

At one time or another we’ve all experienced a feeling of separation from our friends, family or loved ones, but it’s usually a temporary distance. If not temporary, eventually other people come into our lives to replace the connections we’ve lost.

But what if separating yourself from others, living an emotionally isolated lifestyle wasn’t merely a choice but a necessity—the only one that guaranteed you wouldn’t kill the ones you love?

Raven knows because that’s the way she’s existed for the past ten years, after greedy men and greedier scientists changed her forever. They made her different, but they didn’t break her. Instead, they forged a will of iron. One she wields for justice on behalf of the Paranormals discriminated against in the human world.

She hides from the scientists in plain sight, working as a liaison for the police department on Paranormal cases, and investigating private cases on the side—never revealing who she is or what she can do.

Only those on her investigative team know about her, and she exists on the outer edges of even this private group. That is, until fate decides to shake things up. Raven becomes embroiled in the shifter world when she tries to save a slave named Taggert at auction. Instead of freeing him, politics and rules force her to bring him into her home and protect him—as well as Jackson, the man assigned to watch over him.

Raven tries to keep her distance. She can’t get close to anyone. But their seriously alpha personalities and distractingly gorgeous bodies are playing havoc on her emotions and libido. And when she thinks things can’t get any more complicated, the cases she’s working endanger not just her life, but the lives of everyone she cares for.

I LOVED this book. It’s equally plot and character driven. The plot is filled with enough tension and twists to propel the storyline at a breakneck pace. The characters are dimensional, interesting and resonate with genuineness and emotion. Yes, the heroes are total hotties—all of them. (There’s a list, so get ready for some serious character crush action!)

Have I kept things a bit general and not spoilerish? You bet. This story rocks, and I won’t give away any of the surprises. Electric Storm is the first novel I’ve read by Ms. Brutger—and I’m waiting on pins and needles for the next installment of Raven and her gang.

Read Electric Storm. You won’t be disappointed—well, except for having to wait for the next book in the series to come out!

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