Monday, June 25, 2012

Reviewing Your Universe

Wild Point Island by Kate Lutter
Kindle copy provided by author

Rating:  4 Stars

Instinct screams you’re not alone. Fine hairs prickle the back of your neck. Your gaze scans the surrounding area, but no one is there. It’s that feeling you’re missing something that’s right before your eyes. For most of us it’s stress, lack of sleep or maybe just too much caffeine.

For Ella, it’s the fact she’s half Revenant and half human—and only Revenants can see Wild Point Island. Banished from her home on the island, she’s spent years struggling with the consequences of her genetics. The loss of her home and father push her to find a way to change things and make a difference through science. Her persistence pays off.

When Ella finds the means to help her family and others beat the condition that binds them to Wild Point Island, she asks her uncle for help in negotiating with the Council that controls the island’s population.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees Ella’s scientific advancement as a positive thing. Change can be terrifying, and not everyone has the courage to embrace it. Some want to bury Ella right along with her findings. When a Revenant named Simon steps forward to protect Ella, she is drawn to him. She has hope for a future with Simon. But unfolding events cause her to question everything she thought she knew and everyone she ever trusted.

Ms. Lutter has created a story that combines science and magic, faith and fact—and each character must deal with the circumstances these elements create. Whether one denies or embraces life’s changes, both the characters and readers experience the intrigue, betrayal and love in Wild Point Island!

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