Monday, June 11, 2012

Reviewing Your Universe

Primal by Raven and Lain Bower  
(Vengeance #1)
Print copy provided by author

Rating:  4 Stars

Murder, intrigue and sex—oh my!

I’m a sucker for shape shifter stories, and werewolves are right up there among my favorites. Including elemental magic is a serious bonus for me. Combine a great storyline, interesting characters and break-neck pace, and I’m hooked to the last page.

Raven and Lain Bower pulled each of these important elements together in Primal to create a slam-bang urban fantasy that showcases a novel that is an equal part plot and equal part character-driven story—and those just do it for me.

Character development for me is a must. Arvon is the nearly-perfect alpha male that inspires a woman to look past his bad-boy faults and love him anyway. Wrey’s caring nature and ability to sort things out reasonably and intelligently had me rooting for her from page one. I loved the strength and vulnerability portrayed in both Wrey and Arvon’s character arcs.

So if I’m raving this much about a novel, why only four stars you ask? It came down to some character identity confusion. Each author has a different technique for imparting information in a story. Mysteries leave more room for switch and bait when setting up a plotline surprise.

As a general rule, I don’t have an issue with this particular writing device. However, I was confused for a bit at the beginning of the story. Multiple characters were introduced, initially using nicknames, and I had a hard time figuring out who was on first.

Because the writing was excellent and I liked the characters and story, the confusion didn’t deter me from reading on. Once I figured all the players out, it was game on. I devoured the book in one sitting—and am eagerly awaiting the second book in this trilogy. Seriously, I’ve just gotta know what happens next!

If you enjoy your urban fantasies with larger-than-life characters and a fast-paced plot that throws a few twists and surprises at you along the way, grab a copy of Primal and enjoy!!!

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