Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Holy Wow, what a crazy ride promoting a book can be!

Let me start at the beginning. I was on Amazon's site, ordering a friend's book. Decided to see if Moonlight Bleu was listed. Now keep in mind, the official release for Bleu was scheduled for Labor Day fixed date yet. Anyway, I searched the title and, surprise, my book popped up. I thought, "Cool. It must be listed as a reserve." I went through the purchase process, assuming I'd get a "book will be released on" message. Imagine my surprise when the I got the, "Congratulations on your purchase. Your book will arrive on Friday, Aug. 27th." Yikes! I'd just accidentally ordered the first copy of my own book. No problem. That was actually pretty cool.

(The book arrived on time, by the way!)

Well, my co-workers threw a potluck/book signing party during our lunch hour Wednesday, Sept 1st. Had a blast. One of my friends grabbed the announcement and gave it to our courthouse beat newspaper reporter. I got a call, and a fantastic picture and article made its way into the newspaper Labor Day, Sept. 6. Stay with me, things will pick up...I promise.

I next received an email from the owner of Whitstran Brewery. She had read the newspaper article and asked if I was interested in doing a reading and signing at their pub. Was I ever! How cool is that? Plans are set in motion. I had my first book store signing at The Bookworm on Sept. 18th. Had a blast. Before I can plan a date to appear at the pub, I was contacted by the Historic Downtown Prosser Association. They wondered if I'd be interested in doing a reading and book signing during the social hour at the Princess Theater Oct. 16th. Um, yeah!

Things are really moving now. Oct. 2nd I attended a book fair at the Emerald City Conference in Seattle for a book signing. Met some phenomenal people, and learned tons of helpful information. Oct. 9th I did a book signing at Borders (amazing!) with friend and fantabulous author Marilee Brothers.

During this 30-day period I'd also guest blogged on four different sites.

But again, I stray.

The Historic Downtown Prosser Association published their press release for the reading on Friday, Oct. 8. I received a phone call Saturday evening, Oct. 9 letting me know KVEW TV had read the press release and wanted to do an interview...holy yikes!!! See what I mean about crazy movement? I spoke to Crystal from KVEW Oct. 11th. I was in the studio at 5:45 a.m. Oct. 13th. The interview went off without a hitch.

What an incredible ride...and it's not over yet.

To think this all started with a quiet get-together with my friends!  =D

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  1. This all sounds so exciting and I can't wait to get my copy! Ordered today!!! Psychics are so much fun.

    --Rachel Firasek