Friday, October 22, 2010

Teenage Girls

Wow. Had one of those mornings with my youngest daugher. She's 14 and in eighth grade. Need I say more?

I'm lucky. Let me say that right up front. She's a good kid. Intelligent, happy, nurturing. And independent, strong willed, and stubborn. All traits she gets from me...I didn't mention humility for a reason!

Anyway, she decided she wanted to wear a pair of skorts that she had no business wearing in public. The tye-dye tights under the skorts, in her mind, excused the fact that if she sneezed, the back of the shorts wouldn't cover near enough of her hiney.

We've all been there, my female counterparts.

That cool outfit only WE could pull off. You know the one I'm talking's sorta sexy, a bit edgy, and guaranteed to generate attention.

Oh, yeah. I busted her.

She tried to play it cool. Changed into another skirt without an argument. That was my first clue she had other plans. Did I mention my daughter is also a purse hound? Nice, big, suitcase-sized handbags. I asked her to bring me her purse.

After a couple of minutes, during which she pulled the short skort out of it I'm sure, she brought me her purse. Nothing unacceptable. Then she announced she needed to use the bathroom before she left for school. I told her, "Okay. Just bring me your purse again when you're finished."

I heard the steam hiss between her teeth. She turned into her bedroom instead of the bathroom. I followed, trying not to smile. Since her every effort to sneak the offensive garment out of the house had failed, her frustration at hating the skirt she had to wear morphed into a pitch of whining only dolphins would understand.

Needless to say, she left wearing a pair of long jean shorts over her tights. Still cute...just without the sexy. I won this round. Go me. Unfortunately, it won't be the last one. My only consolation: I survived my teenage years intact. So will she!

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