Sunday, January 2, 2011

365 Writing Resolutions in 2011

I read a blog by another author I admire immensely, and discovered she has a fantastic idea for creating her own success in 2011. An idea that so inspired me, I've decided to use the same technique.

I've purchased a wall calendar with large numbered spaces. This calendar will help me visually keep track of my goals. "How?" you ask. I'll tell you. I plan to blog and write every day of 2011...a huge commitment, but one I've structured with a reasonable goal.

Blog: Not every day will be a long post. Some blogs may only be one sentence...a common phrase I'll use. "No idea today." This will count as a post. Typing "no idea today" will hopefully push my muse toward recognizing usable blog material for future postings.

Writing: I WILL write 250 words in my current WIP or a rewrite project. Regular editing will not count for this goal. This will enable me to complete projects on deadline and push for completed new material.

Now's where the wall calendar comes into play.

Every day I meet my goal means a ginormous red X on that day's calendar block. Each red X links to the next, forming chains. Since chains are only as strong as their weakest link, an empty box means a weak link. I will not have any weak links, and seeing an empty space will emphasize my determination to fill that box and succeed.

Today's first box:  X

Anyone care to join me in this challenge?

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