Monday, January 3, 2011

Exercise--For Love or Necessity

This morning I rededicated myself to a Pilates routine.

Yeah. Go me. Now keep in mind it's only a twenty-minute workout, and I wondered if that short amount of time would really give me any beneficial results. (Spoken like a true couch potato, right?) I only questioned the shorter routine because I was doing an hour-long workout four to five times a week through most of 2010.  Around September I started having medical issues that resulted in the doctor telling me to refrain from exercise for a few months.

In December he gave me the go ahead. The holidays were hectic, the food was fantabulous, and I didn't jump on the exercise band wagon. Then I discovered my blouses were pulling at the buttons, my jeans were a little (a lot) snug, and I'd grown my own honest-to-goodness muffin top. While creating this splendiferous figure came as the result of induging in sugary, tasty food, the idea of purchasing a larger wardrobe killed my hunger for sweets...mostly.

So I popped the cd into the dvd player this morning at 5:30 a.m. and stretched and sweated and worked my core. I can attest to the beneficial results a 20-minute workout will give, yes even after one day. "How?"you ask. Because I am so out of shape I had a difficult time performing basic pilates moves. Since I'm a pretty competitive person, my own lack of will power and self control (not to mention the extra  roll of "me" I'm packing around) will serve as excellent motivation.

My husband loves me the way I am ...larger cup size included! ;-) ... but I need to get back on a regular exercise routine for better health. My job is easier to perform when I'm in better physical shape. Chasing my 2 1/2 year-old grandson around is a lot more fun when I'm in better physical shape. Spending time with my husband is even more enjoyable when I'm in better physical shape.

My grandmother used to say, "Take care of yourself when you're young. Everything you do to your body now, you pay for when you get old."

I'd like to think I'm putting some "healthy" golden years in the bank ahead of time. I intend to live for a very long time. I hope it's up to me how healthy I am for the journey!

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