Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Love Do-Overs

Things are a bit dramatic around our house right now.

With four girls, you can imagine the issues that arise as my daughters navigate through matters of the heart. One of my girls is currently experiencing the aftermath of a demolished relationship. I ache for her, but this is her journey and I can only be there to listen and offer advice when she asks. I have reassured her the right man will eventually come into her life. For now, she needs to get on with her own and achieve the goals she's set for herself.

I've discovered I can communicate without lecturing to my children!

Another daughter has decided she's ready to tell her best friend of three years how she really feels about him. Talk about a case of the nerves. Again, I offered my less than perfect wisdom. Her admission would forever change the friendship. If she wanted a different kind of relationship with this young man, more than she wanted the current buddy state they existed in, then I admired her courage for taking this step.

I'm still waiting to hear how her declaration was received.

As my stomach knots with anxiety for her, I'm reminded of my own painful experiences and asked myself, "Would I go back in time for a love do-over if I could?" Honestly, no way. Drama is for the young. It takes way too much emotional energy to sustain that level of "intensity" developing hormones create.

On a serious note, each of the different connections I made earlier in my life led me to my husband. And though I learned things from those previous relationships, none of those lessons compare to what I've learned and experienced with my spouse. He's not perfect, but he is perfect for me...and I would never make any choice that would change that.

If given the chance, would you choose a love do-over?

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