Monday, January 10, 2011


My grandson visits us every other weekend. I look forward to spending my days playing with his trucks, doing puzzles, or chasing him around the back yard. When he goes home with his mom and dad, I lock myself in my office and work like crazy to make up for the time away from my keyboard.

With so many things to get done Saturday, I didn't get any writing done at all. Then the kids got sick, and I had my grandson overnight. He woke up Sunday morning feverish and clingy. I sat in my chair, the little guy on my lap, all day. We watched movies because that's all he felt like doing.

Of course, I had planned to write while he took a nap. Never happened. Those peepers stayed open no matter what I tried. Another day with no work accomplished.

While the idea of not meeting the goal of blogging and writing 365 days this year upset me greatly, feeling the little guy's arms curled around mine made me rethink my stance. Structured deadlines are meant to help achieve set goals. That's all well and good when life isn't factored into the equation.

But life outside my office exists, and my family will always be my first priority. That means finding a balance. Accepting there will be days I can't write. And on the days my keyboard is out of reach, I'll just play in my head. Ideas can be shelved until it's my time to get creative.

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