Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Changing Your Universe

Here on Changing Your Universe we chat about experiences where someone or something influenced the direction your life took or just made a difference in your life.

I'd like to welcome Raven Bower. Here is her story.   

They say the only constant in life is change and it’s true. The world changes and we either adapt or stagnate. People change and we either choose to embrace or reject it, industries change and we, too, must change with them if we’re to remain relevant. Change is as natural as the seasons, tides and passing hours.

Yet, there are moments when you realize your life will never be the same.

One event that changed my life radically was my wedding day (and night, but we won’t go there J ). On that steamy, roasting August day decked out in a traditional, full white gown I walked down the isle to be forever bound to one man ~ my love and soulmate, Lain.

Before then he’d been my friend, GM/DM (Game/Dungeon Master respectively), fellow gamer and mat partner in Aikido. We spent hours talking of philosophy, creation, chaos and fantasy. People often thought we were weird because our dates weren’t to go out to dinner and a game, or the opera or parties or all your typical dating game venues. Instead, we played D&D, we got together and simply read beside one another, we watched movies at home or sat in the park and talked about everything from the heavens to the nine hells.

But on that day, the dynamic changed.

Everything we were remained the same. We still did everything we’d done before. Yet, there was so much more. We were a family. We now have four furless kids aka Masterlings of Chaos. Two hellhounds and a demon cat. We’ve gone from having a tiny, stuffy apartment with cardboard boxes as our dinner table and dressers, to having a house we love ~ with gardens!

He egged me on and challenged me when the going got tough – and he still does, the malicious little imp. We push each other to be the very best we can be, whether it’s as a spouse, parent, writer or electronics mole. This August we’ll celebrate our 16th anniversary ~ wow, even as I type that it’s amazing. It sure doesn’t seem like 16 years has passed. But as they say, time flies when you’re having fun.


  1. I LOVE reading how couples met, fell in love...and worked to stay in love! Change is inevitable. Meeting it head on with your soulmate by your side, win or lose, carries the tide!

    Early Happy Anniversary congratulations!!!

  2. Thanks Renee! And yes it does!

    It's a crazy life that's for sure, with lots of ups and downs. But we tend to meet them according to our wedding song "Nothings Gunna Stop Us Now" by Starship hehe

  3. This is very sweet! Hurray for Dungeons and Dragons!